Boy: Can I see you tonight ?

Girl: Why?

Boy: err… aku………..kangen (berkata lirih sambil berharap kata terakhir tidak terdengar)

Girl: Why have tonight?

Boy: Because I don’t think I can see you tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and also the day after the day after tomorrow…

Girl: Hmm? why’s that?

Boy: Well many things happen to me lately, quite transformational but I don’t know how to start to tell it to you. And tomorrow I’m gonna leave for a while…

Girl: Where?

Boy: There’s a journey that I have to take it by myself…

Girl: U’re gonna travelling? With who?

Boy: Nobody, I’ll go alone…

Boy: uhmm…I haven’t talk about this to anybody, but I can see it clearly that I have to take it by myself first before I can share good things with anyone.

Girl: Will you tell me about it?

Boy: Sure I’ll tell you everythin. Don’t want anythin interrupted between you and me, including a secret…

Boy: So can I see you tonight? (please?)


…….<there’s a void pause hangin in the bit connection, leavin an empty trail with so many direction to go>……..