My feet is really tired.

I spent lots of walking activity today.

Open air museum is a huge area that showing how dutch lives back then.

So we visit farmer house, oil maker, cheese factory and see lot’s interesting fact back from 17th century.

Like example people back then is putting animal manure(kotoran hewan) in front of their house into a big mound of stack(gunungan besar). This will show how many cattle that they have. The number of cattle will represent your wealth at that time. Since cattle means: cheese, milk, meat. So the one who got bigger amount of cattle manure in front of their house is consider the most rich person. Manure stink a lot so people that are very rich is calling “Stinking Rich”. That term is still applied until now in 21st century.

They package the history really well in there. Usually we just play movie to depict about how people live at that time. But Open Air Museum take further approach. They creat HollandRama. We go into some kind of theatre, but the cool thing about is we go around in a circling way to see the diorama. The floor is moving and taking us into different set of diorama that describe certain time frame in Holland History.

But most interesting thing is I found many new friends here. I talk with Tanzanian guy called Maskat, Mexican Guy, Vietnamnese, Chinese, Dutch, Colombian. I saw different habit and how differently they see things.

It’s cold weather actually, I assumed almost 4-5 degrees. We strolling into huge trees and lot’s of site there by using double jacket :p

In the end of our journey the campus staff treat us dinner in Chinese restaurant where we can eat all package available there for 2,5hours.

After that most of my classmate catch the bus and continue the travelling to Paris. It includes Oky, vivy, missy, tenn, gary, I think it’s 9 of them.

Actually I keep thinking about business but I manage my mind to enjoy the situation :p

Hopefully I can learn something and also building some networking with everyone I talked today.