Do you know what voices I heard this morning?

Kata Jim kepada Danny.

This voices told me “You don’t have to get up and walking around the block. You sleep so late because of your work”

“No, I still have to get up and walk even it’s just a five minutes”

“Because if you start to neglect simple things that you should do, it’s like infection”

“It’ll spread and messing up your life to the greater process”

“So Danny, I want you to take good care of the simple things you neglected. Start cleaning up your list and practice new discipline on it”

Pagi ini cukup dingin, namun Danny ingin memulai sebuah praktek disiplin yang simple.

Walaupun hanya se-simple 5 menit.

Dia akan memulai membereskan hidup dan pikirannya yang berantakan