Danny, remember that you can’t change direction over night.

You can’t expect to be what you want to be in 5 year tomorrow.

But this is what you can change overnight: begin the process on changing the direction on putting small new discipline.

Knowing that little change can save you from paying or losing lots of money cost, success cost and also time cost.

If you start to brush your teeth before you go to sleep it will prevent you from money cost of damaged teeth.

If you start to walking in the morning for simple block then you will prevent yourself from time cost of having weak body that cannot support your activity.

And be patient with yourself…

Yes you can start fixing whatever your thinking by reading a good book, but if it’s not working after you tried one time don’t give up. Be patient with yourself.

You’ve got your pattern of thinking by your past experience. Years of past experience. Don’t expect to change it on overnight.

But let me tell you something, you can begin the process to change whatever your mind tells you.

It’s your choice whetever you will let all of this happen by unconciousness.

Or you purposefully to change direction to self-worthy, developing skills that give value to your community, get respect and etc.

Change on habbit require the change on the mindset. Change on the mindset require continuously learning on the subject of mindset.

Best Regards,