Syukurlah, akhirnya ujian selesai juga. Sebelum ujian sempet khawatir apakah bisa ngelewatin dengan baik apa engga. Well, walaupun belum tahu hasilnya paling engga sudah bisa melewatinya hidup-hidup 🙂

Tadinya setelah ujian mau ke Praha, tapi terus di cancel karena dua alasan:

1. Im not study hard enough for the exam. Yes, Prague Visit was supposed to be my prize for accomplising all my exam preparation schedule. But I think I just finishing 60% of my schedule. So I guess it would be not honest for me to have the prize without doing the work that I suppose to do :p

2. I downloaded many interesting video. I found a great video of Anthony Robbin, Brendon Burchard and also John James Robinson.  Especially for John ebook and video that I’ve been looking around. I can’t wait to see and apply the techniques in it 🙂

I’ll do my best to fulfill this Christmas Holiday with a good schedule and personal development stuff. Oops, remind me of 4 assignments that I have to hand in in 9 January. Let see: Business Intelligence, Relational Database, Information System Organization, Application Development.

Hmm, quite enough to keep me busy around this two week holiday 🙂


*special thanks to my beloved wife who always encourage me on difficult exam phase ^_^