One of great community in Bandung I’ve attended is Madrasah Filsafat(MadFal) in english it can be literally translated as School of Phylosophy.

Maybe it sounds like “heavy” but it is not always like it sound. It’s just a meeting for groups of people that select one topic and then let the conversation goes into deeper or branching into another one.

The best thing of this kind of meeting is it can open yourself and enriching your perspective that the other person have.

Lately I’m thinking that I missed that kind of discussion. As far as I know there’s lot of party event, but never found out good discussion atmosphere.

So yesterday I decide to roll it out.

Honigkamp have so many different country, and also so many personality. I’m thinking about how many diverse opinion and richness that we can share if we can gather up.

I begin to talk to Luo Heng and he agreed to become the first presentator. Invite couple people and then we gather up for 5 people.

2 from chinese, 2 from indonesia, one from africa.

We talked about the dark phase of our live.

About the insecurity level that keep holding us. Share story about love, and how each of us describe it.

We talked about future, and I found that even when I can’t guarantee the future I still can guarantee what I will fighting for in this moment.

We had laugh, we had fear, we had share the moment and perspective of our life.

Honigkamp tonight is not just a dormitory, it’s an experience that will always be remember troughout my journey.

Someone said: Why are you start this kind of thing when I’m about to leave?

I replied: I was scared. I scared that people will not answer on my initiative. But from this 2 hours discussion I know that we had a good sharing time (actually we planned to stop at 22.00 but we missd out the time so we stopped at 22.30)

Thank you for tonight guys, see you again next saturday at 20.00