For this past 1.5 months I play a lot with FCO-IM

At first I didn’t like it. Why should I use FCO-IM when I can use ER Modeling and go straight to implementation?

But more and more I get strangled on so many quirks and details, surprisingly I get interested on it.

Understanding the concept of FCO-IM is just like I was in some RPG Game and try to understand the mission I must accomplish.

It’s kinda vague at first or second cycle, but it getting more and more chalenging once I saw the pattern.

Some of the Level Title of the game are:

– Verbalization

– ClaQua (Classification and Qualification)

– UC/TC (Uniqueness Constraint and Totality Constraint)

– Nominalization Test after UC/TC

– Other Constraints

– GLR (Grouping, Lexicalizing and Reducing)

– Deriving Relational Schema

– Check if the table can acommodate the Business Rules ๐Ÿ™‚

The past 5 days is just like when you are in the final level of the game and has to meet the biggest enemy, “The Boss”.

Just trying to find the enemy’s weaknesses so that you can win that level.

I got intrigued, strangled but curious.

How to create a good Information Modeling so that it can capture the maximum amount of Business Rule and in the mean time make programmer life easier to implement it?

And you know what I’ve found? Playing from morning until midnight is really fun once you begin to see the beauty of the game ๐Ÿ™‚

*written from -10.2 cold Arnhem

*life is a collection of so much games to play!!